We offer performance oriented tutorial from class 1 st to 10 th .

That means we guarantee for visible improvement in performance from previous academic year.

Potter’s wheel academy fosters active learning methods and one to one tutoring is done in a batch of 3. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:3.

Unlike mass tutorial which is money and time oriented, we practice goal oriented studies. We are practicing global benchmark and do skill based teaching and learning.

Quality monitoring of personal attention and teacher’s effectiveness is done on regular basis.

Teaching methodology according to the learning style of child, so best methodology for your child is used.

Step by step enhancement is done for proper understanding and pointers are given for revision at home.

Feedback of kid’s performance is shared.

Error tracking and resolving on the spot.

World’s best resource material and systematic scientific revision techniques.

Best Educational councillor support is given if needed.

Full grasping of subjects \concepts gives quality results.

Success rate is 100% .full parent’s and student’s satisfaction.

We foster self learning skill for creating winning attitude in kids.

Frequent complementary delicious snacks in addition to appreciation rewards for motivation.

Improvement in listening skills, speaking skills, writing skills and overall personality development.

Monthly free workshop with prior registration, for improvement in studies.